Same Day Crowns

Our Marietta Same Day Crowns & CEREC Services

In this photo, crown #1 is an all-ceramic single appointment crown custom milled on our Cerec machine.

Crown #2 is the old porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) kind that was popular in the past.  Both are strong and long-lasting.

Which would YOU rather have?

Our practice uses the CEREC crown restoration system, which is the latest technique in single day crown replacement technology. We understand that our patients often have busy schedules, so finding time to care for their oral health needs can seem overwhelming. The CEREC same day crowns procedure allows us to provide our patients with quality restoration in a fraction of the time as standard crowns. When you receive same day crowns in Marietta, you’ll be pleased to find that it is both a convenient and relatively quick procedure.

Over time teeth can become cracked, decayed, or discolored due to everyday wear and tear. At Cheek Dental, we make it our goal to treat each patient and restore their smile back to its original functional state.  Our doctors offer CEREC same day crowns to help patients achieve their beautiful smile with full function in only a few hours!

What makes CEREC Special?

In a standard crown procedure, the first step is to assess the condition of the tooth or teeth being repaired and prepare it for the procedure. The crown or filling is put in place during the patient’s second visit. However, with CEREC same day crowns, you can avoid multiple trips to the dentist and receive a long-lasting restoration in a single visit.

Dr. Cheek or Dr. Chandler will first examine your tooth to determine the proper treatment. We’ll then administer the anesthetic and prepare you for the restoration. Next, we will take a digital image of your tooth. The CEREC machine takes this image and creates a 3-dimensional virtual model on our computer screen. Using the CEREC 3D program,a doctor will design your restoration. Once we have the restoration data, we send it to an in-office milling machine that that holds a ceramic block matching your tooth shade. In just 10-15 minutes your all-ceramic restoration is finished. The final step is to try the restoration to ensure fit and functionality. CEREC’s convenience benefits patients with busy schedules.

With a passion for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Cheek and Dr. Chandler are pleased to offer patients same-day crowns with our CEREC machine. Creating fully functioning restorations that are aesthetically pleasing is a priority for Dr. Cheek and her highly-trained staff. Contact Cheek Dental for more information on CEREC, same-day crowns if you live in the Marietta and Roswell area. Schedule an appointment to discuss CEREC to conveniently obtain a healthier, happier smile.